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El Pacayal — Honduras ( Direct trade) natural/washed

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El Pacayal — Honduras ( Direct trade) natural/washed

Tasting notes

Citrus — Cocoa  — Herbal aftertaste

This is the story of a dream, the dream of Rony Dario Alba Vega. A long time ago he grew up in Atima, a village in the Santa Bárbara department in the Central American country of Honduras. The most important source of income in that region is coffee. But Honduras is a very poor country: it is one of the poorest and least developed countries in Latin America. More than 50% of the population lives below the poverty line. The difference between rich and poor is large and there is high unemployment. The minimum wage in Honduras is currently around € 300 per month. The most important export products from Honduras are coffee and bananas.
Because the majority of the inhabitants of Los Llanitos, the hamlet in Atima where Rony comes from, are related to Rony, he decided, 13 years after he came to Belgium, to pursue his dream. He came up with the plan to start his own coffee plantation there with his family. He initially called on his father, Mardoquin. Together with the family, they bought six hectares of land at 1460m in 2013, on which they made the necessary preparations to plant the coffee. Rony coordinated the works from Belgium, Mardoquin gathered the necessary people and logistics on site to carry out the works. The plantation was called "Finca El Pacayal", after the area where the soil is located. It became a real family project. Rony made sure that the people there received a fair price and treatment for the much work they did on the plantation. Where many people in the area work for large coffee farmers and only receive money for basic maintenance, Rony ensured that the atmosphere on the plantation remained optimal. He provided supplies: soft drinks, tortillas, etc. And that was greatly appreciated by the people. They all knew each other, which naturally also enhances the atmosphere. They all worked together for the same purpose: improving the village, delivering high-quality coffee and thereby increasing brand awareness in Belgium.