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The Wall – Hacienda San Alberto – Colombia

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The Wall – Hacienda San Alberto – Colombia

Tasting notes

Blackcurrant  — Milk Chocolate — Full Bodied

Juan Pablo puts great care in the lot selection to compose microlots with distinctive profiles for each different part of the farm. The Wall consists of an assemblage of cherries harvested from a lot planted with Castillo (45%) and Caturra (55%). He will cup through many different samples and combine only a selected few day lots to achieve the profile he has in mind.

Cherries for this lot were harvested during June from 2 plots between 1600m and 1700m on the farm. End of May – start of June usually represents the height of the harvest for Hacienda San Alberto. This is when the trees are heavy with the tastiest and juiciest cherries, and full of potential for excellent microlots. With variable weather patterns, this moment can shift to April – May or even July.

The farm lies on the flank of a hill and therefore covers quite an altitude range. This makes the different plots of the farm ready for harvesting in subsequent periods and not all at the same time. This leaves enough time for the pickers to focus on a few lots at a time and to harvest on maturity with high precision. After a day’s harvest, the cherries are brought to the farm’s wet mill where the qualities are separated by flotation. Floaters are separated into a different hopper with lower grades, not destined for export. The cherries that sank move on to the cherry selection tables where a trained team manually removes not fully red cherries before moving to the pulping step. A mechanical depulper and mucilage removal machine takes off most of the fruit around the coffee bean. Mechanical mucilage removal reduces the fermentation time and the amount of water needed for washing. The finest selection of deep red cherry, often selected from only 1 or 2 harvesting days, will go through a quick fermentation overnight. When the mucilage has broken down sufficiently, pumps suck up the parchment and blast it into a second tank. The friction greatly helps remove the sticky fruit.